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Manufacturing In Zacatecas

Strategically located about 450 miles southwest of Laredo, Texas and less than 100 miles north of Mexico’s largest automotive OEM cluster in the “Bajio” region of central Mexico, Zacatecas is now home to many large, multinational manufacturers who need to participate in both the United States and Mexico automotive supply chain. While automotive manufacturing in Zacatecas is the city’s fastest growing industry, it has successfully attracted the aerospace, electronic and industrial sectors, as well.

Zacatecas, still know for its silver mines dating as far back as the early 16th century, now offers a young, vibrant population with decades of manufacturing experience. The city’s infrastructure has vastly improved over the past 15 years, especially the highway system north to the United States and south to Mexico City. The Zacatecas state government continues to support this effort by subsidizing new industrial parks in Zacatecas, new roads and critical transportation routes.

Manufacturing in Zacatecas has become a vital part of the local economy and a source of new employment. In addition to traditional manufacturing jobs, the need for engineers, skilled technicians and professional management is rapidly growing. As a result, the local professional and technical colleges have responded by offering industry specific degrees and an expanded curriculum to properly prepare the next generation of graduates. In addition, the government implemented subsidies for students to study in specific areas, such as engineering.

As Mexico manufacturing continues to expand throughout the country, Zacatecas is perfectly located and well prepared to take advantage of this growth. Contact NAPS for more information about expanding to Zacatecas.

Manufacturing In Mexico

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