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Existing Operations In Mexico

Streamline Your Existing Business Operations in Mexico:

In 2008, NAPS launched an Administration and Compliance Management Program for established operations in Mexico. For the first time, NAPS began offering its services to existing maquiladoras in Mexico. For example, companies already manufacturing in Mexico that were experiencing administration management difficulties and/or burdened by large overhead costs, remained competitive and profitable by utilizing our full-service program. NAPS enabled these companies to conserve cash, control costs and capitalize on the long-term benefits that Mexico offers in logistical advantages and affordable labor costs.

Maquiladora Program Management:

If you are looking for strategies to reduce costs and stabilize expenses, our administration and compliance management program has proven to achieve this goal. Through our program, the fixed expenses you would pay to manage your operation become variable costs. You pay for administrative services based on the number of employees, which often fluctuate with business cycles, rather than paying a fixed cost every month. A study completed by a globally recognized CPA firm proved that NAPS’ full-service program achieves this goal.

A Sampling of Best Practice Strategies for Maquiladoras:

  • Explore Renegotiating Rental Contracts
  • Reduce Headcount and Optimize Staff
  • Restructure HR Policies and Benefits to Incentivize Employees
  • Computerize Systems & Strive Towards Paperless Office
  • Group Negotiated Rates for Telecommunications and Office Supplies
  • Assess Fixed Expenses and Evaluate Options

Let us help you optimize systems, reduce costs and gain a lead over competitors! Contact us for more information.

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