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Mexico Shelter

Expanding or relocating into Mexico offers many competitive advantages for companies looking to keep ahead of the competition. Shelter operations are a popular choice for businesses looking to “test the waters” in Mexico.

Approximately 70% of NAPS’ client base chooses to expand to Mexico under “shelter,” which means they operate under a Mexican corporation owned by NAPS. Because these companies have no “legal” presence in Mexico, they also avoid any liability associated with doing business in Mexico but still benefit from all government tax and duty abatement programs, such as IMMEX (formally maquiladora) and PROSEC. Below is a list of advantages associated with operating under a NAPS Mexico shelter corporation.

  • No Legal Liability in Mexico
  • Reduce Costs
  • Economies of Scale
  • Labor Flexibility (Seasonality)
  • Quicker Start-Up
  • Immediate Access to Special Corporate Certifications (If Needed)

Operating under a NAPS Mexico shelter corporation does not preclude a company from having their own name, facility, or corporate culture in Mexico. In fact, every one of NAPS’ clients operates under their own roof, implements their own processes and procedures and sets the culture of their factory. NAPS is there to provide exceptional administration and compliance management support without interfering in other areas of the operation. Whether a company chooses to operate under a NAPS Mexico shelter corporation or under their own Mexican legal entity, NAPS provides the exact same service under both scenarios.

For more information on a shelter in Mexico or to schedule a teleconference to learn more about shelter services in Mexico, please contact NAPS, a leading shelter operator in Mexico. Join many shelter companies in Mexico and start making savings today!

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