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New Operations In Mexico

Administration and Compliance Management Program:

Successfully expanding or moving a manufacturing facility to Mexico is a long-term, strategic decision that requires analysis, planning and proper execution. Over the past 2 decades, NAPS has helped over 100 companies through this process, carefully refining its approach of collecting and reporting accurate data during the feasibility stage so that business professionals can make well-informed decisions.

NAPS’ full-service program begins with analysis but carries through start-up and the on-going administration and compliance management of the Human Resource, Accounting, Import/Export, Immigration and Environmental Health & Safety functions inside our client’s facilities. Simply put, NAPS enables its clients to focus on production and quality control, while we handle virtually everything else required to run a successful operation in Mexico.

How The Program Works


Feasibility Analysis – a comprehensive financial analysis is created to assess feasibility
Financial Modeling – Depicts whether moving operations to Mexico makes sense. Shows initial expenses, probable future profits and savings
Location – Visit various regions, if necessary, to determine best fit for operations
Compatibility – Enough time is spent with each prospect client to ensure working together makes sense for both parties.


Develop Timeline – Identify project requirements and complete online project management tool
Orientation – Meet with all functional area managers for NAPS software training and resource allocation
Implementation – Begin tenant improvements, secure all permits/licenses, hire labor, import all equipment and initial raw materials, finalize overall logistics


NAPS: Accountability and Service Oriented – Adheres to client needs; flexible & detail oriented; Offers continuous governmental, corporate, environmental and customs compliance services; Recruits, hires and manages direct and indirect labor, based on job descriptions submitted by client.
Client: Production Focused – Manages production and quality control; Provides all raw materials and equipment; Makes final hiring decision for all personnel.

Trusted Clients Manufacturing in Mexico with NAPS

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