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Manufacturing In Saltillo

Saltillo is located only 75miles southwest of Monterrey, Mexico and about 180 miles to the border of Laredo, Texas, making it a logical choice for foreign companies manufacturing in Mexico. While not considered a “border” city, Saltillo offers a strong labor force, significant infrastructure and easy access to the United States.

Saltillo has a long history of automotive manufacturing in Mexico, including large OEMS, such as Chrysler and General Motors, as well as the supply chain that supports these companies. In fact, manufacturing in Saltillo comprises up to 80 percent of its economy, automotive by far the largest contributor.

Saltillo’s highly trained workforce, especially in the automotive sector, offers foreign companies the ability to become extremely productive in a relatively short period of time. In addition, Saltillo has over 16 universities, 12 technical institutes and over 11 research and training centers. This translates close to 200,000 students filling the pipeline for future talent and labor in Saltillo. The education system works closely with the manufacturing community, making sure they continue to offer programs and training that best fit the region’s future.

Manufacturing in Saltillo, Mexico is ideal for foreign companies who need to supply all of North America, including Canada, United States and all of Mexico. The “NAFTA Highway,” (Mexico 57, Mexico 85 and US I-35) supports the entire manufacturing industry in Saltillo, making over-the-road transportation seamless. In addition, Saltillo offers a railroad station that links the city to virtually any State in Mexico and many U.S. border cities. Saltillo also has an international airport with daily flights from the U.S. and Mexico City.

If manufacturing in Saltillo is of interest, please contact NAPS to learn more about our full-service IMMEX Administration and Compliance Management Program or for more information about manufacturing in Mexico.

Manufacturing In Mexico

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