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Human Resources (HR) In Mexico

Mexico presents a broad range of human resource challenges, especially for foreign companies with little or no experience with Mexican labor laws or manufacturing in Mexico. Manufacturing relies on both “Direct” (general labor) and “Indirect” (professionals) personnel, which requires two very different approaches with regard to recruitment, compensation and employee retention. An integral part of NAPS’ Administration and Compliance Management Program is focused on understanding its client’s human resource requirements and corporate culture so we can recruit a comprehensive workforce to meet each company’s specific needs. NAPS focuses on the following areas to achieve this goal:

  • Direct Recruiting in Mexico
  • Indirect Recruiting in Mexico
  • Supervision
  • Salaries and Benefits in Mexico
  • Payroll in Mexico
  • Internal Rules and Regulations
  • Security and Hygiene
  • Training
  • Labor Unions in Mexico
  • Reporting (web-based metrics)

New Mexico Labor Laws

Another major challenge for Mexico manufacturing has come with the passing of Mexico’s new Labor Decree in December of 2012. This decree is the first major alteration to Mexico labor laws in almost 40 years and included more than 300 changes. Companies manufacturing in Mexico, both new and established, are struggling to understand and comply with the new labor laws in Mexico, resulting in lost productivity and, in some cases, fines for noncompliance. With over 25 years of experience dealing with human resources in Mexico, NAPS is one of the foremost experts in Mexican labor law and ensures its clients will remain compliant with all new laws and regulations throughout the country.

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