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Manufacturing In Puebla

Located almost directly between Mexico City and Veracruz, Mexico’s largest Atlantic marine port, Puebla is Mexico’s fourth largest city with a population greater than 5 million people. At an elevation of over 7,000 ft. above sea level, Puebla rarely gets hot and enjoys fairly mild year-round temperatures.

Unlike many cities throughout Mexico, manufacturing in Puebla drives the city’s economy by industries such as, metal mechanics, electronics, food processing, chemicals and automotive. Puebla is home to the largest Volkswagen assembly plant outside of Germany and in 2016, Audi will complete its first Mexican assembly plant just outside the city limits. Furthermore, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, BMW and Daimler have all recently completed, or will soon complete, new assembly plants less than 4 hours north of Puebla in the “Bajio” region of Mexico. This automotive renaissance is attracting a significant automotive supply chain in Mexico, which continues to expand every year.

Foreign companies manufacturing in Puebla can take advantage of its large, low-cost labor pool, as well as its highly trained engineering and professional talent. Operating under the IMMEX program in Mexico, these companies can receive significant tax, fiscal and import/export benefits to help reduce operating expenses at their Mexico manufacturing facilities.

NAPS specializes in helping foreign companies navigate the administration requirements of the IMMEX program in Mexico, as well as virtually all other administration needs, such as human resources, accounting, environmental health & safety and import/export activities. Contact NAPS for information about the Mexico IMMEX program and how we may assist.

Manufacturing In Mexico

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