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Mexico Environmental Regulations & Compliance Services

Working closely with all federal, state and local environmental authorities throughout Mexico, NAPS ensures its client’s manufacturing processes will remain compliant with Mexico’s strict environmental regulations to minimize exposure to fines and disruptions in production. We report and help implement all new regulations and changes in legislation, ensuring that our client’s facility and manufacturing operations are always ready for official inspections. The Environmental, Health & Safety department at NAPS will assist your operations in the following areas:

  • Permits and Licenses
  • Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste
  • Monthly or Quarterly (in-house) Audits
  • Safety Programs and Regulations
  • Certification Support (i.e. ISO9001)
  • Raw Material Analysis
  • Government Audits

NAPS is Recognized as a Leader in Environmental Stewardship

NAPS received recognition for its contribution to Mexico’s 2011 “Environmental Leadership Program for Competitiveness” administered by Mexico’s Federal Environmental Agency and counterpart to the EPA, SEMARNAT. This program is designed to increase the competitiveness of small and medium size businesses through training in eco-efficiency. Leading companies such as NAPS work with clients, vendors and suppliers for a coordinated approach to increase efficiency and reduce waste. NAPS’ Environmental Compliance Manager led this initiative in collaboration with SEMARNAT and key personnel including engineers, plant managers and supervisors from nine companies operating in Mexico under NAPS’ management services. As a leading provider of outsourced administration and compliance management services throughout Mexico, NAPS is committed not only to help its clients maximize savings in running operations in Mexico but to facilitate the process for companies to have a positive impact on the environment (Press Release).

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