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Mexico Accounting & Payroll Service

Under NAPS’ full-service Administration and Compliance Management Program, NAPS takes responsibility for all Mexico accounting services, including accounts payable, tax compliance, social security, treasury and payroll services in Mexico. Our Mexico accounting services allow companies to concentrate fully on the business, leaving the stress of accounting and manufacturing behind. Working closely with our U.S. accounting department and audited by an external, U.S. accredited CPA, NAPS can provide its clients with recommendations to help reduce taxes and other financial-related costs to improve profitability. And with NAPS, your fees are variable, based on the number of employees working in your Mexico operation. In-house accountants can be costly and requires companies to rely on one or two individuals, rather than a professional organization with an appropriate staff. NAPS employs an in-house team of over 70 accounting professional (43 CPAs) and more than 25 years assisting foreign organizations with their accounting in Mexico.

NAPS Mexico Accounting Services Outlined

Our accounting and payroll processing services in Mexico include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Fiscal taxes: monthly, quarterly and annually
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Analyze account and prepare financial statements on a monthly basis
  • Process, review and authorize payments for rent, utilities, vendors
  • Request wire transfers based on weekly cash flow
  • Currency exchange rate calculations

Payroll Processing

  • Manage payroll weekly and generate weekly reports for invoicing
  • Calculate paid vacation, bonuses and benefit plans
  • Annual taxes and salary declarations
  • Social security tax preparations and filing
  • Process terminations, resignations and special payroll as requested by the client

Contact us today about accounting in Mexico or call us at 800-551-8581 to learn more about NAPS accounting services for Mexico manufacturers.


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