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Infrastructure In Mexico & IT Services

Mexico has matured into a global manufacturing hub, offering world-class industrial real estate and modern infrastructure throughout the country.


With high-speed broadband and a large pool of qualified IT professionals in virtually every industrial city, Mexico has become one of the most attractive manufacturing and business process outsourcing (BPO) locations in the world. Key Mexico infrastructure advancements have been a key factor leading up to this achievement.

Transportation routes also continue to improve throughout the country as Mexico invests heavily in new highways, container ports and the modernization of airports and railroads. Due to the continuation of Mexico’s infrastructure development, manufacturing in Mexico is now prevalent away from the border, in states such as Guanajuato, AguascalientesSan Luis Potosi and Queretaro.

Staying in front of Mexico’s technological growth, NAPS has a full-service IT department consisting of experienced engineers and IT professionals to help manage its integrated systems and client information. In 2007, NAPS developed and launched multiple online reporting tools, including the Info Center and eNAPS to help its clients track key performance metrics and quantifiable indicators, as well as monitor all financial transactions from anywhere in the world.

Mexico’s Key Infrastructure Advantages


  • Faster telecommunication lines
  • Computer technology meeting U.S. standards
  • High-speed broadband accessibility
  • Educated and experienced IT support


  • New highway systems throughout the country
  • Railways connecting central Mexico with various U.S. border cities


  • Multiple ports on the east and west coasts

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