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Sourcing In Mexico

In response to a growing demand for “local” products and services in Mexico, NAPS launched a dedicated department for the sole purpose of product and service sourcing in Mexico for its clients. Whether it is raw materials, consumables, or services required for running a smooth manufacturing operation in Mexico, NAPS takes a methodical approach to finding high-quality vendors with competitive pricing and reliable service.

How it Works:

  • Client shares detailed information about product or service required, including samples, spec sheets and other beneficial data to help NAPS identify the appropriate vendors
  • A sourcing coordinator begins contacting local vendors that meet the specified requirements
  • The sourcing coordinator verifies the vendor’s capabilities with an on-site visit (when possible) and contacts references
  • The sourcing coordinator submits request for quotations (RFQ’s)
  • The sourcing coordinator submits request for samples, if applicable
  • Final pricing is negotiated, often with the assistance of NAPS on behalf of the client
  • Client makes final approval for specific vendor
  • The sourcing coordinator works directly with the vendor and client to make sure the purchase is executed properly and in a timely manner

Sourcing in Mexico can be quite complex, especially for foreign companies unfamiliar with the local cities and language. As manufacturing in Mexico continues to expand with sophisticated products, so does the demand for a local supply chain. As part of NAPS’ commitment to provide exceptional service, NAPS added the sourcing department to its already comprehensive Administration and Compliance Management Program to further aid in its clients’ success in Mexico.

Contact us today or call us at (800) 551-8581 to learn more about how we can help with service, product or materials sourcing in Mexico.

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