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Manufacturing In Queretaro

Queretaro is located in the central part of Mexico about 135 miles (220 kilometers) northwest of Mexico City.  Queretaro is uniquely situated between the deserts to their north and tropical rain forests to the south.  While like other developed States in Mexico Queretaro relies less now on agriculture than before, it is considered to have some of the richest soil in all of Mexico and produces high-quality grains and vegetables.

Manufacturing in Queretaro has increasingly played a larger roll in the local economy, with a particular focus on the aerospace industry.  Large international aerospace companies, such as Bombardier, have aggressively expanded to the region, encouraging their supply chain to do the same.  The local government has responded accordingly, supporting a rapidly growing base of engineering and technical schools.

Queretaro Manufacturing Facts

  • 556 plants, 13 industrial parks
  • Local international airport located in Queretaro
  • Nearest port of entry (Gulf of Mexico): Altamira, Tamps
  • Closest U.S. city: Laredo, Texas
  • Average annual growth (2006-2011): 4.28%
  • Labor turnover rate: 2-3%
  • A highly skilled workforce with stable union activity, low turnover rate

NAPS offers its full-service Administration and Compliance Management Program in Queretaro to help companies focus on production and quality control, without the burden of managing Human Resources, Accounting (in Mexico), Import/Export, Environmental Health & Safety and all related Mexican government compliance.  Contact NAPS today to begin a full financial and logistical feasibility study on Mexico to determine if an expansion makes sense for your organization.

Manufacturing In Mexico

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