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"A Well Informed and Reliable Partner Insures Your Success"


To do well in business outside the U.S., where regulations, laws and business practices are very different, it is crucial to have a well-informed and reliable partner. ACK was very fortunate in establishing this partnership with NAPS.

Mr. M. Najeeb, President and CEO
ACK Controls Inc. – A Division of Toyota Motor Corporation

"Significant Cost Savings"


NAPS has made our transition seamless and their expertise shows up in every key area from import/export to IT, to working with all levels of the Mexican Government. We are sure that many issues that would have slowed us down or maybe even stopped us, were handled by NAPS without us even knowing. We have benefited tremendously from NAPS’ overall understanding of the Maquiladora program.

Rose Ortiz, Director of Operations – Latin America
Speck Products

"Expedite Your Start-Up Process and Establish a Smooth Ongoing Operation With NAPS – an Experienced Team of Professionals"

Manufacturer 1

We knew we had to move… we did not know with whom or how we could accomplish it. Once we connected with NAPS it was not difficult to make a decision. We were invited to tour some of the manufacturing facilities set up by NAPS in Tijuana and Juarez. The President of Innoflex was floored at seeing the sophistication of the plants and the quality of the workforce. Being able to speak to the individuals responsible for setting up the projects made a huge difference. Initially we had considered going to Mexico on our own but we realized there was too much we did not know. By making the move with NAPS we benefited from a professional team with years of experience.

Daniel Grone, CFO

"Client Centered Services Pave the Way for Long-Term Success"


We performed an extensive due diligence period of selecting a Mexico-shelter partner, with the assistance of Mexican government provided sources as well as recommendations from long-tenured local experts in the region. The NAPS team had the best combination of customer service orientation, deep Mexican accounting, customs, labor and environmental regulatory knowledge and a sense of long-term partnership disposition. After almost three years of starting our relationship we are extremely pleased with their service. The NAPS team has become an integral part of our success in Mexico.

Raul Corella, VP of Global Supply Chain Operations
Monster Cable Products


Monster Cable 

Speck Products


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