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Category: Manufacturing in Mexico: Labor

Dec 26

Inside Mexico’s Highly Skilled Labor Force: A Guide to Wages in Mexico

The wages of workers in Mexico are one of the most cost-effective aspects of nearshoring manufacturing operations to Mexico. In recent years, the hourly wage rate of...
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Jul 22

Mexico’s Growing Labor Force’s Impact On Trade | NAPS

Labor laws in Mexico Mexico's Growing Labor Force For American companies considering moving their manufacturing operations...
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Feb 19

Manufacturing in Mexico: Major Changes in Mexican Federal Labor Law

Effective December 01, 2012, Mexico’s Federal Labor Law (FLL) underwent the most comprehensive reform in over 40 years.  Many of the new laws will impact companies manufacturing in...
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Oct 19

Abundant Labor Pool for Manufacturing in Mexico

Although some manufacturing companies might shed a little concern about the skill level in Mexico’s workers, Mexico graduates more engineering students than the US, Germany, Brazil and...
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