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Category: Manufacturing in Mexico: Import/Export

Feb 18

Binational U.S. – Mexico Immigration Authority Could Improve Policy

February 18th, 2014 - Are global consumers likely to see many manufacturing labels change from made in China to made in Mexico?

Many economists and foreign investors believe it to...
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Jun 17

Railroads Benefiting From Auto Industry Growth In Mexico

Savvy investors everywhere are taking note of the expanding automotive industry in Mexico and the ripple effect of opportunities it represents. Thanks to NAFTA, what's good for...
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Feb 12

NAFTA’s Mission, Logistics and Outcomes: Two Decades of Success!

Mexico Maquiladoras  The maquiladoras (IMMEX Program) in Mexico are manufacturing plants in free trade zones. Mexico manufacturing is impacted by maquiladoras in that maquiladoras are mostly tariff-free and domestically tax-exempt assembly, processing...
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Jun 20

Mexico and Canada Invited to Join Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks

On Monday, June 18 Mexico was officially welcomed to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Talks. Mexico joins the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Chile, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Brunei...
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Oct 18

Extension of IETU Benefits for IMMEX (Maquiladora) Companies Should Continue to Attract Investment in Mexico

The Mexican government has extended the Flat Tax incentive for Maquila operation. In an effort to mitigate the adverse impact caused by the introduction of the Flat Tax (IETU)...
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